Pets – How to Treat Dandruff Problems

Have you noticed your pets’ coat looking dull with flaky particles and no matter how much you brush it only seems to get worse?

Even though our pets are covered with hair the skin underneath is still the largest organ. Environmental toxins, diet, liver, kidney and intestinal health all play a part in what their coat will look like. It’s what goes on in the inside that really matters.

The number one reason for pet dandruff is a bad diet. Over processed meat by products that have been cooked so every nutrient is removed and then added back in cheap supplement form is not the way to go. They need a diet mostly of protein and I don’t mean meat as the fifth ingredient. Protein should come in number one or two on the list.

Next is exercise to keep their blood flowing and their joints lubricated. Psychologically they will be a lot happier and a happy dog most likely will have a gleaming coat. Vitamin E added to their diet also will help their tresses, as will fish oils. Brushing their coat distributes the oils from their skin and bathing them regularly with a non-drying shampoo will also help.

You might consider a supplement with Horsetail which contains high amounts of silica. Silica has been used for centuries to assist skin, bones, and fur. Dandelion has an abundant source of Vitamin A, B, D, C, along with minerals. Research has shown dandelion to alleviate skin problems.

Spirulina contains protein, vitamins and carotenoids and maintains energy, immune system functioning and systemic health. Another herb bladderwrack is known for being an excellent source of iodine for the functioning of the thyroid. If the Thyroid is functioning optimally it will show in the skin and coat.

If your pet is taking a prescription drug but eating a healthy diet, it most likely is the medicine causing the dandruff. There are many alternative pet remedies formulated just for pets that work just as well if not better than prescriptions. When it comes to taking care of your pet’s coat it may well be worth checking into supplements so they can once again have that glorious coat.