Pet Stairs Improve Pet-Owner Relations

Sometimes man’s best friend is too small to enjoy our company on those high surfaces such as couches and beds. These miniature companions need pet stairs to reach high places because frequently picking up your pet can put a strain on you and your pet. Pet stairs have many benefits such as car entry, furniture access, and basic pet training. Both cats and dogs can enjoy the benefits of having their own personal set of stairs to help them reach our world.

Car access is the most popular use for pet stairs. Our pet friends love to travel with us in the car to the grocery store, the veterinarian, and on family trips. Instead of picking up your pet or making them jump into the car, you can place pet stairs on the ground beneath the car door to provide easy and safe access to the car for your dog. Without stairs it can be difficult for your pet to get into the car or on top of the car seat.

Not only can your pet confidently enter the car on their own, stairs allow your pet to get on and off your furniture. Cats and dogs love to cuddle with their owners on the couch and bed but some have trouble jumping to those heights. Both small and large dogs prefer to use stairs to reach furniture. Some pets are too small to jump while larger pets may develop arthritis and need pet stairs in their old age. Providing enhanced mobility to your dog is vital to your relationship with your cat or dog because it will allow you to do more activities together without the hassle of picking up your pet to lift them into the car.

In addition to improving your pet’s access to the car and other household surfaces, stairs are a great training tool. You can use these steps to teach your pet simple commands and tricks such as stop and go, up and down, and jump. If you are a serious trainer and plan to enter you dog into pet shows, pet stairs act as an impressive prop that your dog can use to show of its talents. While you are using pet stairs to train your pet, they will also be getting an excellent workout. Through training exercises your pet’s overall health and energy levels will improve.

Pets are an important part of our lives so they need to be able to access our spaces on their own in a safe and easy manner. Small pet breeds cannot jump as high as the bed or the car, while larger breeds often develop arthritis and can no longer jump to high surfaces and can be stored in the house or in the back of the car. So, instead of frequently picking up your pet place pet stairs in front of any high surface for your pet’s convenience and they will save you and your pet energy.