4 Ways To Determine The Sex Of a Snake?

4 Ways To Determine The Sex Of a Snake?

Have you ever tried to find out the sex of your snake or are you wondering how to determine the sex of your snake? If so, then this blog is for you! It contains everything you need to know!

Determining the sex of your snake can be a very tricky job because both the female as well as male snake looks the same. Also, their sex organs are concealed which makes it even more difficult to find out. But all these problems shouldn’t stop you from knowing the sex of your snake. The reason behind this is, reptile sexing offers a lot of benefits like understanding their behavior and staying well aware of their health conditions.

4 Ways By Which You Can Determine The Sex Of Your Snake

Some physical characteristics will help you in finding out the sex of your snake. You might need a veteran as well depending upon the type of species as the physical traits of the snakes differ from snake to snake.

Generally, two different ways are using which you can ascertain the sex of a snake. The snakes can be dimorphic, meaning the female and male both possess a different structure of the body. Or they can be di-chromatic, which means they both can be different in pattern and color.

While the last-mentioned looks like an easy way but determining the sex of your snake according to morphology can be quite tough because the snakes don’t reach their maturity and their sex organs are not that important.

Whereas, the other methods like popping and probing the snakes can also be used to know the sex but these methods can be dangerous and fatal.

1.Length Of The Tail

The male snakes have hemipenes and a long tail is needed to keep them. That’s why the male snakes have long tails. This is the most general way using which you can decide whether the snake is a male or female.

2. Sex Organ

The sex organs of males are bigger than females. Though that’s not the case with every snake, some female snakes are smaller in size than the others, and their differentiating trait is that they may have large sex organs because of ovary enlargement.


In an anaconda, the females are quite larger than the males. Besides, the male males are larger to show dominance and secure their mate. Also, males have muscular bodies whereas females don’t!


Spurs also help us determine the sex of snakes. They are smaller in the female snakes whereas larger in the bigger snakes.

Here comes the end of this blog! Determining the sex of a snake becomes easy if you know all the above-mentioned things!

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