Training Horses – How to Push Your Horse’s Panic Button (Not That You’d Want To)

One way to cause panic is to “FORCE” him to be somewhere he doesn’t want to be.

The horse may not want to be somewhere due to his own desire or fear.

The two are handled very differently.

If it’s fear that has seized his mind, then we have to ask ourselves what’s causing the fear.

Next, we have to make it so he doesn’t panic from it.

Let’s say, for example, that it is water that’s causing Mr. Horse to be fearful.

If water spooks him then forcing him to go through it may cause a big wreck.

But let’s say you and the horse are at a small stream. He gets nervous, wants to turn and leave.

The first thing is to not get mad about it. They’re just doing what they know. It’s our job as the teacher, parent, and horse psychologist to teach them that it’s okay and they won’t get hurt.

Thus, knowing it’ll take a little time and patience, you continue to hold the lead rope and cross the stream yourself.

You’re holding the lead rope…loosely…and not pulling on him to move him forward. If you pull, he’ll feel forced to do it. And as we already know, feeling forced to do it causes panic.

Also, if he back up in fear from it, you want to give him some slack because if he feels confined, panic will seize his mind.

Now…horses check things out with their muzzle. When the horse puts his nose down to smell and snort the water…let them do it. There’s no rush.

It’s far better for them to decide that the water won’t hurt them than it is for you to force them into making the decision. Doing this will make your horse safer.