Horse Trainer Videos – What Your Horse Can Teach You

I’m an avid reader and especially like books on horse behavior and horse training. I love to learn horse training. Horse trainer lessons arise from horses to the trainer.

There’s one book in particular I’ve been reading called Talking With Horses. It was written by Henry Blake. I really like how he wrote his book because he often says things like, “Here’s what this horse taught me…”

I often get amused at people who complain about their horses because of some kind of misbehavior. But what they fail to realize is their horse is teaching them something. The horse is ALWAYS teaching you something.

In Blake’s book he talks about a horse called “The Toff”. The Toff wouldn’t let anyone catch him. So one day, Blake set out to catch him.

He started right after breakfast and spent an amazing nine hours the first day catching the horse. Once caught, he’d make a “big fuss” about it with The Toff. (In other words, lots of petting and “atta boys”) Then he’d let him go and catch him again. Each time he did that he could catch the horse in less time. He kept doing this until he could catch him whenever he liked.

Then Blake said he’s eternally grateful to this horse because the horse taught him that when you start something with a horse you must finish it…no matter what happens. You keep going until you have done what you set out to do. You must have endless patience, never lose your temper, and when he has done what you wanted him to do, make a fuss of him. Then do it again and again until he does it without question. Videos will show you this too but real life experience will be your best teacher forever.