Horse Blankets and More – Riding Equipment to Purchase For the End of Winter

The frigid cold weather of winter is upon us and your horse is depending upon you to provide him or her with the protective clothing they need to stay warm, healthy and safe. Those that become chilled are far more likely to develop respiratory and joint problems. Not only can these conditions interfere with your training schedule, they can result in thousands of dollars spent on vet bills, and the knowledge that your equestrian friend is suffering.

These problems are easily avoided by ensuring the wearing of appropriate equine clothing, especially if they have been clipped or are accustomed to being indoors. Leg wraps and a quality equine covering can go a long way to keep your animal healthy, happy and ready for training. As the seasons change, so must the equine clothing. A heavily insulated turnout blanket is just what they need in the deepest part of winter, but it can be too much as spring approaches. This can cause sweating that leads to chills and potential injury or illness. Using the correct covering goes a long way to keep your animal safe and healthy.

Heavy Winter Horse Wear

In the coldest part of winter, horses need your help to stay warm and well. If they spend most of their time outdoors, an insulated turnout blanket is a necessity. Today’s modern materials have combined the comfort and convenience of breathable waterproof fabrics to create attractive and effective protection that will keep your four-legged friend safe and warm. In especially cold regions, an integrated neck can be added to this protective covering for extra protection.

In an effort to make room for new inventory, many of your favorite online equestrian apparel retailers are cutting prices on a number of turnout sheets, blankets and other equine clothing. Functional, fashionable and fleece-lined, these blankets are a great buy right now. Even if your equine’s current wardrobe isn’t covered with mud and looking ragged, it soon will be. With today’s great prices, this is the perfect time to stock up.

Sleek Spring Selections

Most owners are dismayed to discover that last year’s lightweight equine blanket no longer looks as good or works as effectively as it did a year ago. As animals rub and shed horse blankets and other horse clothing lose their appeal and effectiveness. Now is a great time to add a touch of fashionable elegance to your horse clothing wardrobe while still saving yourself some money by taking advantage of the current spring sales on horse clothing.

Turnout blankets designed for spring weather still offer protection from the elements without overheating the way a heavy winter horse blanket would. Too much protection can lead to sweating, which can then cause your animal to become chilled. These extreme shifts in body temperature can leave them susceptible to joint injuries and respiratory problems. You can prevent these problems by ensuring that the clothing is weather appropriate and in good repair.

What About You?

Just as weather appropriate equine clothing is important for your animals, you will also ride better, more comfortably and more safely when you wear winter-appropriate riding apparel. Lined breeches, breech liners and warm winter riding shirts can help protect you from getting chilled. Frigid fingers and toes are never a good idea for controlled riding. Insulated winter riding boots and gloves will help you stay comfortable as you continue your training throughout the winter months.

Significant Sales

At this time of year, it is a good idea to check through all of your riding apparel, horse clothing and riding equipment to make sure everything is in good repair, clean and ready for next year’s show and training season. Leather cleaning and treatment products can make your riding equipment last longer and look better. As you conduct your own equestrian spring cleaning, you are sure to discover that things have gone missing, worn out or just don’t look as good as they did when they were new.

Winter is the perfect time to assess your needs for new equine blankets and horse clothing to ensure protection from the elements and safety from injury. Your favorite equestrian apparel retailers are making room for new inventory by offering seasonal sale prices that can save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on blankets, saddles, saddle pads, bridles and stylish new riding apparel.