The Truth About Salt Water Aquarium Filters

The Truth About Salt Water Aquarium Filters

When you set up a salt water aquarium filter then you will find that lots of things are involved in this. You will need various gadgets like a heater or a filter and also a test kit. You need all this if you want to maintain your salt water aquarium.

As everyone knows, fish are like normal human being, they eat and they pass out waste substances. Then through the process of nature, this waste turns into bacteria. Hence you need salt water aquarium filters if you want to clean out these germs. They also help you to get rid of elements which make the water dirty and hence they keep the entire aquarium safe for your pets.

When it comes to this filter you have two main types, the first is the external filtration system and the send one is called the internal one. You will find these filters at any sort of fish shop. But then the local pet shops usually don’t have these. Sometimes, even if they do they don’t have good quality ones.

So try and get them from the specialized shops. Now you should know a few things about these salt water aquarium filters before you buy them. Let’s start with the internal filters. Now these are basically used in those tanks where you have an internal tube. This tube is going to connect the water from the main tank to a sump tank which is present below.

The sump tank will be situated just below your main tank. The water in the fish tank will also be made to pass through a foam type thing. This foam will stop all types of bacteria and also unhealthy germs from getting accumulated. This way you can also filter the water.

After this the water will finally be pumped back into the main aquarium which is situated on the top. Now you will see that this process is a continuous one. The only defect of this system is that it is very noisy but then when it comes to effectiveness, it is very effective.

Then we have the external filter which is the most effective salt water filter available in the market. But then it also comes with a price tag. It is the most expensive one which is available as well.

But then the amount of money which you pay for this is actually worth it. This is something which is placed outside of your fish tank and it is just like the internal filtration system. Here there is a long black tube which is the filter and it is very silent and barely makes any noise and it is also very effective.