Some Amazing Types of Goldfish

Some Amazing Types of Goldfish

Goldfish are one of the most loved aquarium fishes. They are a particular cultivated type of silver crucial (Carassius auratus). We first here about today’s goldfish from ancient China and dates back to X-XII centuries. It was in China that goldfish were cultivated in ponds in various Buddhist monasteries. Generally a goldfish can be as long as 30 cm. But aquarium suitable goldfish are generally smaller in stature. They have an extended body with a sharp snout. The goldfish are famous for their vibrant colors. The backside of a goldfish is normally red, and its both sides are of golden color. The belly is of yellowish color. Regarding the fins they can be of varied colors like red, yellow or orange. Again you will find goldfish that are of light pink shade or even white or dark blue shades. Chinese and Japanese selectors have identified a number of types of goldfish. Some of these are:

The Most Popular Types of Goldfish are:

Bubble eye

This is a very beautiful goldfish. As its name suggest it has big remarkable eyes which resembles bubbles filled with water. In fact their eyes or “bubbles” are almost to a quarter of their entire body. The eyes of this type of goldfish start to develop when they are 3 to 4 months old. But one thing which should be remembered is that these precious eyes are very vulnerable as well. They can be injured and fell fall down an s well. Then it will take 3 to 4 weeks time to restore them. So if you have these types of goldfish you will have to maintain them in a separate bowl or with some calm type of other fish so they their eyes are not injured.

Crown pearlscale

This is yet another beautiful goldfish type. It originated in China and took a long time before it was first allowed to be exported to other countries. It was in 1926 that this fish species of goldfish was exported to Japan. It has a some what rounded body structure. Both the scales are creamy-white. As a result it appears as if the fish is covered in pears as the name suggests.


It is the simplest and most available type of goldfish. It has a small body and has long tail fins which actually surpass the length of its body. In fact it is in demand because of this long tail fin. The color of this type of goldfish varies. The more costly ones have a combination of several colors which makes them really enchanting.


Shubunkin is a very popular and much loved goldfish type. Most people want it because of its color which represents a combination of red, white, black yellow and even dark blue. This fish is very mobile and is comfortable with low water temperature.

A few Essential tips regarding goldfish maintenance

In order to keep your pet goldfish health and playful you must keep it in a large and spacious aquarium full of sands because the goldfish like digging inside sands. Because of this you must be careful in planting your aquarium plants well because the goldfish may uproot them. So go for deep rooted plants. You must also install a good filter inside the aquarium to pump up dirt. The idea water temperature inside the fish tank should be from 15 degrees to maximum 25 degrees Celsius for your longer body goldfish. For the short ones it should be between 22 degrees to 28 degrees Celsius. Another important thing is to choose other members of your fish tanks carefully. They should be calm and good tempered. Also you must regularly supply salads and nettle. Otherwise the goldfish will try to eat the aquarium plants.