How to Determine the Gender of Your Beloved Goldfish?

The Gender of goldfish

Are you puzzled regarding how to find out the gender of your goldfish? Are you thinking whether it is a girl or a boy before naming it? Moreover you may also want to determine the gender for the purpose of breeding them. So it is always good to determine the gender or you might name your darling goldfish as John and it turns out to be the mother goldfish. Just think how horrible that will be! So if you are looking for some effective clues which can help you in determining whether your goldfish is a boy or a girl, here they are:

The First think for you to do is to notice the size. Generally female Goldfish are a bit larger in shape than their male counterparts. Also they look heavier especially in their abdomen region when they have eggs.

Another helpful sign to determine the gender of your fish is to see whether they have tiny white spots on their gills and pectoral. Generally male goldfish have these spots which are called “breeding tubercles.”

Again, an important sign of male goldfish is that most of them have midline ridges basically in their undersides. These ridges start from the back of their fins and ends at their vent opening. However, this characteristic can be altogether absent or present in smaller number in female goldfish.

Another thing to consider while determining their gender is to notice their abdomen. You will see that male goldfish have relatively firm abdomen. On the contrary, female ones have a more flexible abdominal region.

Also you can determinate the genders by noticing their pectorals. The male ones have more pointed and longer pectorals. They also have a stiff fin ray. But female goldfish have rounded pectorals which are shorter and finer front fin rays.

Another tip for you is to observe the goldfish in the time of spawning because at that time it is most convenient to distinguish the male from the females you will see that the female opening is larger to look at and also appears very inflamed because the eggs in the abdomen start to develop. The female will look bigger and also heavier.

Moreover, as the fish reproduce with the help of external fertilization, you can easily realize when the boy fish is all set for the breeding.

There is another easy way to know your boy goldfish and girl goldfish. But this process can be a time consuming one. You can simply observe which fish is chasing whom because it is the male which will be casing the female goldfish! So if you have enough time in your hand you can do it and it can be fun also to observe the goldfish play before your eyes.