Goldfish – How to Buy the Best Goldfish

If you are a goldfish lover then you will naturally want to buy the best goldfish in the world. But how will you do that? When you go to a pet store to buy goldfish how will you know that which one is the best by just only looking at it?

What breed do you plan to buy?

In order to buy the best goldfish as your pet the first and foremost thing for you to do will be to decide which breed you need. Also do you want to keep the fish indoor or outdoor? All these will play an important role in your decision. Because, there are breeds which are suitable for indoor purposes and will not stay alive outside.

Similarly, there are breeds which will grow well in outside ponds in place of a home based aquarium.

How to know which fish is best suitable for which environment?

If you are wonder about which fish is most suitable in which environment than the answer are lies in “how big does the breed grow?”So if you want to keep your fish in an outdoor pond then you should go for the ones which grow really big. For you the most suitable and also the most common fish will be Koi which can grow really big. Another breed suitable for outdoor is Comet which has tremendous ability to adopt to any circumstances. You can just call it ‘ survivor’.

What to do if you are planning to keep your Goldfish indoors?

Well, in that case you will have to take a wholly different approach. The whole thing will depend upon the type of fish that you plan to keep in your indoor fish tank. If you want something different and amazing you can go for a breed of fantail. It is one of the most extraordinary breed of goldfish with a tail resembling butterfly wings. Apart from that you can keep comets as well if you want a little bit of gold in your tank. However, it will not be wise to go for Koi which grows bigger and therefore not suitable for indoor tanks.

One important aspect of buying your pet fish is that you must make sure that the fish that you are buying have not contacted any disease already. The best way to determine this is to carefully examine if the fish that you are planning to buy show any blood spots on its body? If it does then it is certain that it has contracted anchor worms which are a common parasite attacking goldfish.

Another way to determine is to check the tail fins to see if any white spots are there or not. If it does then it means it has contracted Ichtyopthirius (Ick)