Where Do Iguanas Live? Making the Right Enclosure For Your Pet Iguana

Where Do Iguanas Live? Making the Right Enclosure For Your Pet Iguana

You may not know this but an iguana is cold blooded. This means that every day they need to heat their body to a high temperature. In the wild, iguanas live in warm climates so that they can naturally accomplish this but if you are looking to buy an iguana, or have one but don’t have the right cage or enclosure for it, read on and I will explain the best conditions for an iguana enclosure.

The iguana prefers a situation where he can walk about without any restrictions, who doesn’t? And as I said before, it also needs some heat. This can bring a problem to most people and you should not take an iguana if you don’t feel you can offer adequate room. An adult iguana can grow to 6 feet long, not a small pet now is it!

There are several options when creating an iguana enclosure, but one particular favourite of mine, and the iguana, is refitting a wardrobe or closet. When done properly, it can be the perfect home for an iguana.

Before you start, beware how long it can take to basically remake a wardrobe. You have to bear in mind air ventilation but also be sure to keep it warm and private and a place where iguanas live comfortably. To stop your iguana becoming shy and nervous, you should interact with it daily. This will also stop it from hiding in any corners in the enclosure you provide.

The wardrobe can include the heated lighting in the top shelf, with (if this is what your wardrobe has) the bottom draws used for storage of food etc.The advantages of turning your wardrobe into an iguana habitat is the amount of money you will save, the potential space you can give the iguana and the hands on experience you will get creating it, resulting in an immense satisfaction when finished.

The disadvantages are that it can be very difficult to import and export food and water due to the size of the enclosure. You may also struggle with where to put the air vents and where to actually leave the wardrobe (assuming you will need to replace the original one!).

If you decide using a wardrobe is not for you, that’s fine. Just remember that you need to make sure the space you choose for your iguanas to live is big enough. A wardrobe may still not be big enough once your iguana becomes an adult, it may need to be supplemented by a outdoor space where you iguana can roam with more freedom.