Keeping Ferrets As Pets

If you are looking for a fun pet that is a bit different from the norm, you may want to consider purchasing a ferret. Before you do, however, there are many things you should know about ferrets and about how to properly care for them. This way, you can be certain you are truly purchasing the right pet for you.

The Ferret Odor

Perhaps one of the most important things you should know about ferrets is that they do have a musky odor to them. Some people find the odor to be quite offensive, while others feel it is not too overpowering or troublesome. Therefore, it is a good idea to spend some time holding a ferret and generally being around one in order to determine how you feel about the odor.

Even if the ferret has been descented, you will still smell the odor coming from its skin glands. So, don’t let anyone talk you into believing that you can completely eliminate the odor, because this simply is not true. Similarly, frequently bathing a ferret will not remove the scent. In fact, it may make the odor stronger because baths will dry the ferret’s skin out and the skin glands will produce even more oil.

If your ferret has not been descented, you may want to consider having it’s glands removed since you may encounter foul odors. Just as with skunks, ferrets have scent glands that will release a strong odor if it feels threatened. Although the odor of the ferret is far milder than that of the skunk and washes away easily, it can still be quite unpleasant to the owner. For that reason, most ferrets sold as pets in the United States have had their glands removed.

Keeping Ferrets as Pets

Despite popular misconception, ferrets are actually domesticated animals that have been kept as pets for hundreds of years. Nonetheless, you may have some problems purchasing a ferret where you live because the laws where you live may not recognize them as domesticated pets. Therefore, you will need to check into regulations in your area in order to determine whether or not you can own one as a pet.

Before purchasing a ferret, you should also become familiar with their little quirks. For example, the name “ferret” is derived from a Latin word that means “thief,” and you will quickly discover why ferrets were given this name. Ferrets have a tendency to take the items they find laying around the home and hiding them somewhere new, so be sure to keep valuables out of reach!

Ferrets are also very playful pets, but most do sleep for about 18 hours a day. They are most active from dawn until dusk, but they do have a tendency to change their sleeping patterns in order to fit within their owner’s schedule. It should also be noted that ferrets, which generally live six to eight years and have poor eyesight. But, they compensate for their poor eyesight with a sharp sense of hearing and smell.

The bottom line is that ferrets can make great pets. Just as with any type of pet, however, it is important for you to learn as much about these furry little creatures as you can before you make a purchase. That way, you can be certain you are purchasing the right type of pet for you.