Is a Potbellied Pig the Right Pet For You?

Have you ever thought of having a pig as a pet? Long gone are the days when a pig was something you only saw on the farm. In fact, a growing number of people are choosing pigs as pets to live with them in their homes – whether they live on a farm, in the suburbs or in the city.

The Growing Adoration of Potbellied Pigs

Potbellied pigs first became popular among pet owners through Canada and the United States in 1985. At this time, they were thought of as being the new up-and-coming pet of the 80s because they were so small, clean, affectionate and smart. Unfortunately, they cost $25,000 to purchase, which meant they were not within the price range of most people looking to bring home a new pet.

Sadly, as the fad fell away, many unwanted potbellied pigs were finding themselves placed in animal shelters, given away for free or even left along the side of the road. The reason for the fading fad was mostly related to the fact that the same characteristics of the potbellied pig that many find to be so delightful can also be troublesome. Therefore, it is important to get to understand the potbellied pig and all it has to offer before deciding if this pet is right for you.

Getting to Know the Potbellied Pig

One of the most endearing traits of the potbellied pig is the fact that it is such an intelligent creature. Unfortunately, this intelligence can potentially be problematic at times. This is because it won’t take long for your pig pal to learn how to open refrigerator doors and cupboards in order to chow down on some of your food. In addition, they can easily learn ways to get your attention in order to be fed, such as letting out an annoying squeal in the morning to rouse you out of bed.

The fact that pigs act like humans in many ways is another feature that many potbellied pig owners enjoy. At the same time, their human traits can cause them to be very demanding or overly sensitive at times. They may also pout or become bored, which will result in them rooting through the house and knocking over objects. Therefore, in order to be the owner of a potbellied pig, you need to be prepared to provide it with a great deal of discipline and monitoring.

Before you bring a potbellied pig home to be your pet, you need to realize that they are not as small as many people are led to believe. While they may weigh only about 50 pounds when they are one, they easily get up to 125 pounds when they are full-grown. Therefore, transporting your pet or finding space in your home for the potbellied pig can be challenging. They also have a tendency to be territorial, which means you have to avoid spoiling them. Otherwise, they can become aggressive toward their owners and toward houseguests. By being firm with discipline, establishing boundaries and by teaching your pet to respect humans and the word “no,” you and your potbellied pig are certain to enjoy a long and happy relationship together.