How to Train Your Sugar Glider

How to Train Your Sugar Glider

A lot of people are skeptic when it comes to sugar glider training. The fact is that you can train you glider, to a certain degree. But before you start training it something difficult, ask yourself if you want a glider that stays on your shoulder wherever you walk, or you want it to run around a house free.

The reason I’m asking you is because this will determine your further actions in training your suggie.

If you choose that you want a pet who never leaves you, the training will begin by teaching them to stay on your shoulder or in your pocket. Just put sugar glider on your shoulder or in your pocket and walk around your house. Every time it jumps off you, pick it up gently and put it back on your shoulder or in your pocket. The point is to let your sugar glider understand that it should stay on your shoulder. If your sugar glider jumps on another person – that’s okay. Just don’t let it jump on the things or run away from you.

Usually it takes four to five months until your sugar glider is trained to stay with you at all times.

However if you choose to let your pet run around your house free, the training should begin in small room. First of all you would let your sugar glider out of cage and let it explore this new room. After a while you should call it and give him a treat. Basically first time you will have to lure him with a treat in order to come to you, but keep repeating the command so your sugar glider associates it with a treat.

When you feel ready, move to a bigger room and do the same thing. Call the command and give a treat when your sugar glider comes to you. Soon your sugar glider will run around the house and come whenever you call it.

Just a little warning though: don’t let your glider run around the house alone, because it might get fall into a toilet or get into other risky situations, that you wouldn’t want it to get to.