What You Should Consider When Choosing Personal Protection Dogs?

What You Should Consider When Choosing Personal Protection Dogs?

So you’re considering a dog to protect your home but are baffled by the wealth of choice available? The market is inundated with breeders and breed types. At times it seems that anyone can breed a dog, which leaves huge variation in quality. Here are essential factors to consider when choosing a good personal protection dog.


When choosing a personal protection dog, it’s important to keep in mind that the dog is an animal and will have its own behavioral needs. Training your dog will ensure that you are completely prepared for the responsibility of owning a personal protection dog. You must take steps to ensure you are up to speed on what training entails since no matter how well-trained your protection dog may be, they are still an animal and will not always do what you want them to do at every moment.

Your best option is to contact a professional trainer such as Total K9 to help you develop a training plan that accommodates your individual lifestyle and dog’s needs. The dogs with the highest success rates at protecting humans have been trained by professionals with special knowledge about dogs and their behavior. We recommend looking for a trainer who specializes in working with aggressive dogs or who has experience working with mixed breeds.

Dog’s Health and Age

When reviewing candidates for personal protection dogs, you should ensure that the dog is in good health and within a suitable age range, as this will affect the dog’s effectiveness. If a dog has a long history of illness or injury, it may not have had time to recover fully, making it less effective as a personal protection dog. While many owners are initially reluctant to sell their older dogs, they may have been able to find someone who can offer them a better life, whether it is with more space or less work.


The cost of personal protection dogs varies depending on the breed of the dog and how old it is. A personal protection puppy can cost several thousand dollars. Still, once it has finished its training and reached maturity, the price will decrease significantly, especially if you buy two puppies at once capable of breeding with each other.

Breeds for Protection Dogs

The most popular breeds for protection dogs are the German Shepherd, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler, and Pit Bull. The first three are usually trained as guard dogs, while the Pit Bull is trained to fight. This can depend on the purpose of the dog; if you’re training it to guard your house or family, you need a naturally protective breed. If you’re training it to fight in an arena, you need a dog that will attack when provoked.

Personality Types

Dogs naturally protective of their home or owners have a high prey drive. They love to chase things which makes them good guard dogs, but it also makes it hard for them to live with other pets without proper training. Dogs that are aggressive towards other animals tend to be more aggressive towards people once they reach maturity.

Wrapping Up

Dogs are the most loyal companions, and their company is perfect for anyone suffering from loneliness. However, a dog can be more than that when personal safety. This blog will help you find the best dog.