Is a Wooden Dog House Better Than a Plastic Dog House?

Is a Wooden Dog House Better Than a Plastic Dog House?

Do you know which material is best for the home you are going to provide for your pet?

Having been the owner of many pets, large and small over the years I have had to ask myself that question many times. Some of these were indoor pets and some were outdoor pets. I lived in hot climates and also in cold climates, this made choosing construction material a little more than difficult.

I would like to pass on some of my findings to you right now.

In the market place today, there are generally two materials that are used more often than any others. The two materials are wood and plastic. When choosing which of these to use for your dog house there are many things to consider.

… is this going to be for a large or small dog

… will it be used primarily outside

… is the temperature going to very hot or very cold

… are you going to build it yourself or purchase one

The best wood to consider using is Cedar, because it is extremely long lasting, pest and rot resistant, and requires very little maintenance. Pine and oak are two other woods used in constructing pet homes.

Some of the benefits of using wood for your dog house are:

… wood is a much better insulator than plastic

… in cold or hot climates, wood will keep your pet more comfortable

… you can build the dog house yourself using simple plans

… for outside use, you can place additional insulation on the walls for greater comfort

… you can customize it to look like anything you want, even your own home

… wood is less expensive than plastic

… you have a choice of different woods that are disease and pest resistant

… you can build a double house if you have two dogs

Some of the benefits of having a plastic home for your pet

… you can go to any pet store and pick one up

… they work well for inside dogs

… many are split in two and held together with clamps so you can just use the bottom

… some can be used to ship your pet on airlines

… they can be used as travel crates when you are on vacation or in your car

… plastic dog houses are more portable than wooden ones

… they are easier to clean, just hose them out and let dry

Most pet owners agree that having a specific home for their pet is a necessity. The big question than becomes, what material do I use in my dog house? A lot depends on the type of dog you have, is it inside or outside and what is the weather like in your area. Your choice of wood or plastic will depend on how you answer those questions. But, no matter which way you go, make sure that you provide your loving little friend with a safe, secure and comfortable home.