A Guide to Leash Training Your Dog

Does your dog seem incapable of walking peacefully on a leash?

A lot of canines seem that way and I know my dog did. Every time I decided to take my dog for a walk I dreaded the pulling and tugging that came with it. There are a few things that you should understand before you start walking your dog on a leash and I’ll teach you those in this leash training guide.

These couple of tips will save you the frustration that a lot of canine owners go through.

First, start your dog with a comfortable collar and use a 4 ft leash. When you first start walking your dog you will feel like your being pulled everywhere.What is important is that you stop as soon as this happens. The pup should learn that it is not going to move forward unless it’s at your side.

The dog should not lead. It learns that it is OK to lead if nothing is stopped which is why I recommended you to stop and wait for the dog to pay attention and be side by side then try to walk.

Start practicing walks around the house or backyard. This will allow the dog to get used to the collar and leash.When your dog is walking properly it is important to praise the dog and show it that it is doing the right thing.

The key is being patient with walking your dog. Training your dog to walk properly can take a few weeks. Some dogs might get it down in less but that is likely because they have longer attention spans.

Stick to the plan and stop when being pulled and go when the dog is side by side. Eventually the dog will get that unless it is side by side it’s not going anywhere. Once you practice stopping the pull and rewarding with a treat you’ll notice the improvement in your leash training.

Choose a word in the midst of training your dog that will tell your dog when to stop. Something like “heel” or “slow”. Only use this command when your dog is in the desired place.

It took me not allowing the dog to get its way to walk properly. I believe the earlier you teach a dog to walk the easier it is.

Walking a dog doesn’t have to become a frustrating battle and it will change with consistent training and by following this leash training guide.