Ridding Yourself of Stray Cats

You see them all time everywhere you go. They are in alley’s in the city, on roof tops, out in fields. When driving all you have to do is look in a field along the road and you will probably see one or more sitting there in the attack position just waiting to catch its next meal. Yes, these are stray cats.

Seeing them in places other than your home is fine. But what do you do when they start to make residence on your property. You do not want to kill them. That would not be the humane thing to do. If you do nothing, there may be 40 of them by the end of the next month.

How do you get rid of stray cats?

The first thing to do is see if the cat is actually someones pet. To do this all that is usually required to find the cats owner is to ask your neighbors. You can also ask the neighborhood kids to. The kids will probably know who the cat belongs to if it is in fact owned by someone in your community.

If you determine that the stray cat does not belong to any of your neighbors, you could look up the nearest animal control center. Notify them of the felines squatting on your property. These people will come out to your house and catch the cats. They will take them to an animal shelter. This will give them a chance to be adopted by someone.

If you have no animal control in your area, you may have to act yourself. Since it is a stray and can probably survive or has been surviving on its own, a relocation of the stray cat would probably do it no harm. Catch the cat yourself. Get in your car and drive it to a different location that is far away. Release the cat. It will find a new place hang out and hunt for mice.

If you are an animal lover find a humane way to get rid of a stray cat that is bothering you. You may even consider paying someone to get rid of it for you. Just make sure that person will not harm the animal and will take it to a shelter.