Litter Box Training For Persian Cats

Litter box issues can be a deal breaker for many pet owners, and being allergic to cat urine boy I can sure identify with that. Persian cats and Persian kittens can be particularly fussy about a litter box, and there are more than a few tricks to keeping them on target so to speak. We have listed them here in the hope that you and your furry friend can find a solution to any problems you may be having in this department.

Persian cats have a horrible reputation for being terrible about a litter box, and I think I know why. Persians, for whatever reason, are super touchy about how clean the litter box is. I am not sure the reason, but if you are having problems with a cat, try keeping the litter box extremely clean, scoop twice a day if you must. If this isn’t your problem, look into the litter type you are using. I like the clay type clumping litter, but only because that is the only litter my Persian cat will use. They don’t like newspaper, seem to really hate the wood pellet kind, and will often refuse to go anywhere near any kind of perfumed litter. Persian cats also seem to be particularly odorous animals, and even Persian kittens give off a rough scent in the kitty bathroom. I find that sprinkling a little baking soda in the bottom of the box before I put in fresh litter seems to help quite a bit, I like it and I know the cat likes it better. Another consideration, if you are lucky enough to have a cat not picky about litter type, is how that is going to get into that long Persian fur. I sure wish mine would use pellet litter and I think had she been put on it as a kitten she may have accepted it later on in life, but won now, and the clay really gets everywhere with that long hair.

Teaching young cats to litter train can be a real pain in the neck and no one envies a friend going through it with their Persian cat. But keep these things in mind and you will be on track to getting through to your pet what your desire is. Deep down they aren’t trying to irritate you, and really just want what makes you happy. Sooner or later they will figure out what you wanted and will be spot on.