A Professional Guide on Choosing the Right Type of Doors For Your Cats

Cat doors are small size doors that can be attached to the prevailing back doors. Cat flaps are also available which can be installed to the windows of the house. Doors and flaps can be bought easily online and from various shops offline. The main function of the door is to allow cats to enter and exit as they please. The doors can be opened from both the sides and gets closed magnetically.

Cat door selection should be done with care as it should avoid unwanted guests or intruders but should allow the cats of the house to enter and exit. The selected doors should be scratch proof should match the color and material of the door and should be appropriate to the size of the largest cat in the house.

Normal doors can be opened easily by the cats. But then the owners can have these doors closed at night if they do not want their cats to be out during dark. Four way doors enable to be opened and closed both the ways. Control over the passage can be achieved that it can be made to allow in or out by the owners at certain times. Electro magnetic or electronic doors enable the entry of only particular cats. These doors are programmed and are made to respond to specific magnetic cat collars that only resident cats can enter the house. This can be of great help if other cats follow the resident cats and them out. Microchip doors are also programmed in such a manner that it responds to the microchip attached to the resident cats. These are found to be better than the electronic doors for cats as the resident cats need not have to wear collars which can get lost sometimes.

Training cats for using doors can be very easy as the owner first have to open the door and guide the cats to use them. Once the cat is made to go via the door, it would never forget it afterward. Placing treats on one side of the door can also encourage them to use the doors. Both the cat and the owners are benefited because of doors. The cat need not have to depend on the owner to open and close the door and the owners too can save their energy and time by letting the cat to open and close the door all by itself.

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