How To Train Your Parrot

If you want to properly interact with your parrot, you’ll need to train it.

We train our dogs and cats so they don’t become unruly; parrots are no exception.

Of course, with parrots, we have an added bonus; they can talk.

If your bird was hand fed by humans when you purchased him or her, training will be much easier than with a bird that was raised by its parents.

The first thing you need to do is to gain your bird’s trust.

Once you get your bird’s trust, you must work hard to keep it.

Never hit your parrot, even if he does something wrong.

If your bird misbehaves, scold him by giving him the evil eye, and sternly telling him “NO”.

If your parrot starts screaming for no apparent reason, cover its cage for a while.

The most important command you should teach your parrot is “UP” or “STEP UP”, it could save his life in an emergency.

Slowly approach the bird.

Place your hand in its cage and keep it there for a while.

Your bird may run away, complain, or even attack you, but keep doing this for a few days.

Before long he will calm down and accept you.

If you still have problems after a few days, try using a stick for a perch instead of your hand.

This may take a few tries.

Gently, but firmly press your fingers under the bird’s belly.

The bird will instinctively hop on your fingers.

As you are doing this, say, “STEP UP” or “UP”.

Before you know it, your parrot will associate the “STEP UP” command with what you want him to do.

Once your bird is on your hand, you can teach him the down command.

Simply tell your parrot “DOWN” as you put him down on his perch.

Keep doing this every time you put your bird down.

Maybe one of the reasons you purchased your parrot in the first place was because of its ability to talk.

Don’t be too disappointed if your parrot doesn’t talk.

Not all parrots can talk.

Most parrot species can mimic sounds they hear, like whistles and doorbells.

The best age to train your bird is between 4-6 months old.

Start with a simple word like “Hello”.

Pronounce the word slowly and clearly.

Use plenty of repetition.

Make sure you’re in a quiet room with no distractions.

Keep your training sessions short and sweet.

10-15 minutes a day is plenty of time for your parrot to learn.

After every training session, give your parrot time to relax or play.

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